15 Jun 2009, 5:47am
japanese snacks:


Strawberry Mint Gum

cubed strawberry1

I picked up this Lotte brand “CUBE Strawberry Mint Gum” at the 7-Eleven in Shinjuku, Tokyo because it just looked too damn cute. I’m not a big gum chewing person, but I had to give it a try. Come on, look at that adorable pixelated strawberry! I had to get it! Besides, the combination of strawberry and mint intrigued me..

(By the way, the 7-Elevens in Japan have ATMs that work with foreign bank cards. Not all ATMs in Japan will let you withdraw cash from your foreign ATM card. Other places in Japan that permit international ATM cards are post offices and Citibank).

So back to the strawberry mint… The gum was more sweet than minty, and the flavor wasn’t exactly long lasting. But I liked it quite a bit.

I got a nice surprise when I opened the package… One more pic after the jump:

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