10 Jul 2011, 11:51am
japanese snacks:

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Shiroi Koibito

Shiroi Koibito (which means “white lover” in Japanese…hahaha) are langue de chat butter cookies with white chocolate filling. I looove these cookies. Unfortunately they’re not so easy to procure stateside, so one has to rely on the kindness of strangers (namely, my dad’s Japanese colleagues) to gift them to you. Here’s the open box that I’ve already dug into as you can probably tell.

As with a lot of Japanese snacks, each cookie is meticulously wrapped individually. I guess it prevents you from pigging out TOO much, though I always think it creates so much waste.

Here’s a close-up:

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Christmas Cookies

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!

Just wanted to drop in with this cookie post, since I got such cute and colorful ones at the Les Delices Bakery today. (I’ll be doing another post on this bakery later). I ♥ this bakery very much! This cash-only place is off of Gude Drive in Rockville.

I really liked these cookies! Nice, and not too sweet. They paired perfectly with my cup of Prince of Wales tea with milk. (^__^)

I also got a tin of Christmas themed cookies from Yoku Moku, a Japanese cookie company. (Not at Les Delices – these were a gift). I love their smooth, buttery cookies! It’s a bit of a hassle to unwrap each one when you just wanna dive in and eat them all in one go, but I suppose it helps to restrain yourself so you don’t consume an entire tin at once.

Obviously, I took the above picture after several cookies had already been eaten, but you can still see how cheerful it looked with all the pretty colors. As for the cookies themselves:

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Horn Chocolate

horn chocolate

Underneath the flap of this box is a quirky little command (in English): “Enjoy milk-flavored chocolate & cookies.” I wonder what “milk-flavored” chocolate is supposed to taste like. It’s not something I can discover in this box, despite these puzzling words, because obviously they meant to say milk chocolate, not milk-flavored. X)

This chocolate flavored “langue de chat” cookie is wrapped around a whipped white chocolate filling, creating an interesting shaped thing that resembles a slim lighter. The box describes this cookie as combining both bitter and sweet for a very “mature” flavor. It’s a strange idea that milk chocolate can be bitter, as I’ve never really heard it described as such. However, it did have a much more subtle sweetness compared to American chocolate, which contrasted nicely with the sweeter white chocolate.


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Mmm…more Bourbon cookies. I’ve already covered my top two favorites from this brand, and here is the third. There’s actually nothing particularly remarkable about these “Chocoliere” cookies, aside from their fun dippable shape (though I’ve never actually dunked it in coffee before). I find the cookie part a bit dry, and I’m always hoping that the chocolate part would be a little creamier. The flavor is pretty good though, not too sweet and not too bland.

I’d post a close-up picture of the cookie, but it came out a little fuzzy… m(_ _)m

10 Sep 2009, 11:24pm
japanese snacks:


Lucky Stick


I was browsing the snack shelf at the Japanese grocery store when I spotted this Pocky Imposter! Sitting right next to the real deal, even. The ever Engrishy “Lucky Stick” biscuits came in two flavors that day – strawberry or cappuccino cream. Strawberry’s kind of standard and boring, so I opted for the cappuccino.

First off, when I opened the box, I was hit with that sickeningly sweet instant flavored coffee smell (very similar to those “International Coffee” mixes by General Foods). Visually, I could tell that there was only a very thin layer of cream. Perhaps I’m just accustomed to getting more generously coated icing, like they have on the thicker dessert Pockys.

As for the final assessment after taking a bite: the artificial coffee flavor was not very good at all, and left an unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth.

I guess they were trying to emulate the Pocky but totally missed the mark. Not even close, Lucky Stick. Not even close.

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Raisin Sand

raisin sand

I know what you’re thinking: What in the world is raisin sand?? It’s a raisin sandwich, which might or might not be an improvement from your first impression. Ah, we crazy Japanese with our weird word shorteners and even weirder food combinations… Actually, I love shortening words. It’s a nice succinct way to refer to something that would otherwise be a mouthful. Sandwich = sand. Department store = depart. Kentucky Fried Chicken = kenta. Brad Pitt = burapi. (My favorite is “Shuwa-chan” (lil’ Shuwa) for Arnold Schwarzenegger).

Wait, was this about food?

Back to “raisin sand.” This is one of the Bourbon line of cookies I’ve been blogging about. Unfortunately, it’s a low point. It’s not utterly inedible, but not particularly flavorful either. I think it could work if it was a little sweeter perhaps, or more raisin-y. I thought it was surprisingly moist, though.

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14 Aug 2009, 6:26am
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Lubera Cookie


Here’s part the second of the Boubon cookie posts. The first one was the Lumond Cookie (my brother emailed me to say that it’s probably supposed to be spelled “Le Monde”). I struggled with how to spell the “Lubera,” as I’m sure it’s supposed to be some kind of real word in French that I don’t know. Since the R’s and L’s get mixed up in Japanese, I did consider for a moment whether it could be “rubella.” Hahaha…viral cookies!

Lubera (whatever) are cigar cookies packed with butter. The package says it’s 12% BUTTER so you know it’s just a butter explosion. In French, these butter cookies are called “langue de chat,” which I understand translates to “cat’s tongue.” (EW?) The taste is so smooth and lovely that you instantly forget the cookie’s odd name and just scarf them up, one after the other. Happily, they package two together so you can indulge a little.

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5 Jul 2009, 10:12am
japanese snacks:

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Lumond Cookie


OMG Bourbon. (*____*) They make some kick-ass sweets, and their “Lumond” cookie is my all time favorite. As their description in the back of the package states, this tube-shaped wonder cookie is made from layer upon layer of thin crepes, rolled up and “gently” coated in a lightly sweetened cocoa cream. It’s got a very subtle, melt-in-your-mouth flavor with just the right amount of crispy texture. Heaven!

They suggest chilling in the fridge for an hour or two before eating, but I think it’s just as good at room temperature. ♥

lumond cookie

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