8 Apr 2010, 10:38pm


ACKC Chocolates

After dinner at Cork, my friend and I headed a few blocks down to ACKC (Artfully Chocolate Kingsbury Confections) to get (what else) chocolates! Part of their shop is a chocolate counter with an ever changing selection of various truffles. They’re $2 a piece, and of course, you can mix and match, which is all part of the fun. (The other half of the shop is a cafe, and they serve up some very rich and interesting hot chocolates!)

I got a box of six tuffles, and they were (clockwise from the bottom left) fleur de sel, honey ginger, amaretto marzipan, pomegranate, champagne, and white peach. I still haven’t tried the first two yet, believe it or not, but the rest were very tasty indeed. ♥ I expected a little more of that almondy flavor in the marzipan, and the pomegranate was just kind of tart and not really particular to pomegranate. I did think the chocolate was nice and smooth though, and not too sweet. The white peach was interesting, as it had a jelly-like center. (^__^)v

Granville Island

Granville Island was one of my favorite places in Vancouver! So much so that in the short few days I was in the city, we went there twice…even though it took a couple bus transfers and a hike to get there. It’s a marketplace that has everything you could possibly want (almost), from fresh produce and seafood to fancy baked items and chocolates. If I lived in Vancouver, I would try to make my way out there every week. (*___*)♥ Love!

The market itself is indoors, housed in a very large building that holds dozens of vendors. I could spend hours browsing the aisles! There was a tiny booth specializing in tea, complete with a mini counter where you could drink your freshly brewed cuppa. Counters upon counters of delicate and delicious looking pastries that made my mouth water. A large shiny display of fresh caught salmon – pricey but well worth it (we took home a few to cook for dinner). There were soup counters, spice sellers, coffee vendors and candy makers. Even a shop that specialized in pies – both sweet and savory.

You could also shop for non-food items, like handmade crafts, fine art, photographs and the like. The second market building next door had more of those crafty shops too, though it seemed that those stores were more established ones, compared to the more casual market vendor feel in the main building.

Pictured above is one of the colorful and delectable pastry counters. I wanted to order everything in there!

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There’s a lovely pastry and chocolate shop in Bethesda called Cacao, which I discovered a few winters ago during the Christmas season. I usually get pastries when I stop in there, so this would mark the first time I’d tried their truffles and macaroons.

Aren’t the macaroons cute? X) I could’ve selected the flavors myself, but they had such a variety of them, I just asked them to mix them all up for me. I liked them! Very nice and light on the outside, and creamy and smooth on the inside. There was one particular one I enjoyed, which had a slightly floral taste.

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2 Jan 2010, 7:00am


Fran’s Chocolates

I love the taste of caramel, but I find most of them too hard to chew! (;___;) Not so in this case though, I’m happy to say. I’d never heard of Fran’s chocolates before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I ended up being pleasantly surprised by their caramels, which I found extremely soft, delicious and addicting.

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Horn Chocolate

horn chocolate

Underneath the flap of this box is a quirky little command (in English): “Enjoy milk-flavored chocolate & cookies.” I wonder what “milk-flavored” chocolate is supposed to taste like. It’s not something I can discover in this box, despite these puzzling words, because obviously they meant to say milk chocolate, not milk-flavored. X)

This chocolate flavored “langue de chat” cookie is wrapped around a whipped white chocolate filling, creating an interesting shaped thing that resembles a slim lighter. The box describes this cookie as combining both bitter and sweet for a very “mature” flavor. It’s a strange idea that milk chocolate can be bitter, as I’ve never really heard it described as such. However, it did have a much more subtle sweetness compared to American chocolate, which contrasted nicely with the sweeter white chocolate.


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Mmm…more Bourbon cookies. I’ve already covered my top two favorites from this brand, and here is the third. There’s actually nothing particularly remarkable about these “Chocoliere” cookies, aside from their fun dippable shape (though I’ve never actually dunked it in coffee before). I find the cookie part a bit dry, and I’m always hoping that the chocolate part would be a little creamier. The flavor is pretty good though, not too sweet and not too bland.

I’d post a close-up picture of the cookie, but it came out a little fuzzy… m(_ _)m

Coconut Pocky

coconut pocky

I was channel surfing today and came across a real blast from the past – the fabulously B-rated martial arts flick Bloodsport. Even my dad remembers this awesome piece of cinematic mastery from back in the day. (“Oh, this is the part where he’s fighting blind, right?”) My favorite line is of course, Bolo’s classic “You break my record…now I break you. Like I break your friend!” Ah, nostalgia…

Anyway, this has absolutely nothing to do with food. Except to say that my eats related post tonight is equally nostalgic as only a classic can be. I love Pocky. Seriously…who doesn’t? And I’ve never had a Pocky flavor I didn’t like, though some are more favored than others (green tea mousse being one).

The cool thing about Pocky is that they’re always coming up with new flavors. So of course, when I spotted this “limited edition” coconut Pocky the other week, I snapped it up.

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