13 Jun 2009, 2:32am





I’ve been visiting food blogs for so long – and been a foodie for even longer – I figured I might as well start my own blog on good eats!

There’s no real theme here, but if it’s got anything to do with food, I just might write about it. I anticipate that there will be a whole range of posts, from my latest discovery at the Japanese grocery to brief reviews on new area restaurants. I’m based out of Washington, D.C., so that’s the locality that’ll be most represented here.

I’m a former barista with a taste for double shot cappuccinos and yummy cupcakes. My friends and I are always on the lookout for the newest cupcakery (or burger joint) in town, so if you’ve got a suggestion, I’m all ears! o(^___^)o

All photos are taken by me (unless otherwise credited). I use a Casio EX-Z750 point-and-shoot.

Hey nice blog! I just read through your Japan posts since they are particularly relevant to me. Didn’t you love Hakone? I went there in November and it was gorgeous. I envy your Romance Car ride!! Anyway thanks for your comment on my Koenji post. Did you get to go there when you were in Japan?

Ergh… this site leaves me hungry….


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