Yugawara Sekitei

We headed out of Kyoto to Yugawara, which is a smallish spa town in Kanagawa between Kyoto and Tokyo. A hot springs stay is a bit of an indulgence but well worth it after so many days of slogging around. Traveling can be such exhausting business! I was looking forward to a long soak and just sitting around doing nothing for a while. I think the problem with traveling is that you always feel like you have to be doing something. It’s too much pressure!

For our hot springs inn, my dad picked Sekitei, which has a few branches in various spa towns. This one was their Yugawara inn. My brother kept whining about how the inn we stayed at in Hakone a few years back was far superior, but whatever. I think every time he goes back to Japan, he just wants to revisit all the same places he loved over and over.

I will say that the food was less to my palate this time, but I’m not sure if it was just the selection of the ingredients or the culinary skill. Everything was gorgeous, at least. The package included a one night stay in their Japanese style tatami suite, 24-hour access to their hot springs (indoor and outdoor), one kaiseki style dinner and breakfast. Pictured above is the first course from the dinner. You’ll have to forgive my lack of commentary on the food, since I don’t remember a lot of the specifics! (^__^);;

The rest:

Front of the inn.

To the side of the entrance, a nice little bit of greenery.

Upon arrival, we got some tea and something sweet.

Back to the dinner course; a couple bottles of sake on ice!

After that cute basket of various colorful items, there was some soup.

Sashimi course. Fabulous.

Grilled fish with dipping sauce.

I don’t remember what this was. xD;; But it looks so pretty!

Tempura course. Came with a dipping sauce, not pictured.

Vinegared cucumbers, octopus, etc.

Various pickled items, a nice palate cleanser.

Miso soup to accompany the rice and pickles.

Dessert course. Strawberries and a sweet bean paste soup with chestnut.

Japanese style breakfast! It’s a lot of food for someone who normally only drinks coffee in the morning, but I really enjoyed it! A few close-up shots:

Fried tofu. I love this dish. I almost always order it when I’m at a Japanese restaurant.

Natto with … raw tuna? I think. I don’t love natto, but it’s an acquired taste. It’s fermented soy beans, very slimy and stinky.

More pickles! I need to learn how to pickle my own vegetables.

The grilled fish. It’s pretty common as a breakfast item in Japan. I only sort of recently discovered that some people freak out when they’re served fish with the head still intact. I’m not sure what the big deal is. But I guess I’ve always had fish this way…


And omelet. :)

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