Rose’s Luxury

I suppose I could begin with the obligatory “it’s been a while since my last update” blah blah … but I’ll spare you the usual excuses. I’ll return to my Japan postings once I get my momentum going again. I hope to, in any case.

Meanwhile, I have been very behind in the DC restaurant scene. That being said, it turns out that the *one* new restaurant that I have gone to in recent memory is actually one the hottest, hippest places in town! According to my food critic friend, it is the opening of the year from 2013. My experience with Rose’s Luxury makes me think it’s probably a well deserved reputation. And the surging crowds (and hour long wait for our table) is certainly a strong indicator.

I arrived on a brisk winter’s night for dinner, a few minutes too late for the first seating. I hung out in the cramped bar area upstairs with my friend for the service to finish out. They texted us when our ‘table’ was ready (I love that feature with restaurants these days), and we marched downstairs to our seats. It turned out that they seated us at the bar overlooking the kitchen, which was much more interesting than a regular table. :) The wait staff was so nice and helpful, and when I marveled at the fact that I finished my glass of wine — a rare occurrence indeed — the waiter offered me a complimentary second glass!

So they have ‘small plates’ which are divided up into cold, warm & grill, pasta, and ‘other.’ Then there’s the ‘family style’ courses, which is enough to feed two or more. My friend and I went with two small dishes and one family style, and it was definitely enough to feed us both, with leftovers.

Pictured above is the ricotta stuffed ‘gnocchi’ with roasted maitake and pecorino. Loved it! I think it was more like a ravioli in appearance so maybe that’s why the gnocchi was in quotations.

The rest after the jump:

Super cute birdie votive candle holder! At one point, the flame went out, and someone kindly re-lit it for us. ;D

Complimentary potato bread. I loved how it was a whole mini-loaf! I think bread courses can often be a throwaway part of a meal, so I really do appreciate it when they put such effort into quality bread.

It came with whipped butter. Amazing.

Pickle brined fried chicken with honey and sesame seeds. It came with some hot sauce on the side. I loved it! The chicken was perfectly cooked and tender.

Family style pork schnitzel with baked apple sauce and sunchoke salad with fresh greens. This was pretty hefty. Quite a portion size, too! In retrospect, it might’ve been too heavy to pair with the fried chicken, but it was pretty tasty overall. We ended up packing most of it to go.

For dessert, we split olive oil bread with sea salt and vanilla ice cream. Not bad!

Man, these pictures are making me hungry all over again. All in all, a great place for atmosphere, ambiance and comfort food.

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