Bullet Train Bento

Aah, the train bento. I don’t think I’d ever done it before, on my other trips to Japan. This time, I intended to get a proper bento, especially since I’d be traveling in the Green Car of the Shinkansen. I found some really great bento packages in a Kyoto Station grocery shop, so we bought a whole bunch of stuff and set off for our next destination: Atami.

Pictured above is lemon tea, which I actually get at the Japanese grocery store in Maryland if I’m lucky. It’s so sweet but oh so good.

Corn salad, apple juice (sort of), and chawan-mushi (a savory egg custard). Yum!

The rest:

This was pretty tasty too. Lots of things that I only get to eat around New Year’s Day, like lotus root and konnyaku. There was also some sweet yam and bamboo shoots. Onigiri for easier on-the-go eating!

Kouya dofu (freeze dried tofu) is amazing. It’s like a savory sponge that soaks up all this delicious dashi and explodes in your mouth when you bite into it. I think the package also had some carrots, shiitake, and abura age (deep fried tofu skin).

In the other package was Japanese style fried egg.

And of course, more onigiri.

More juice. And a cake, which I think got squished, so I don’t have a photo of it. :/

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