Arashiyama is a sleepy little town on the outskirts of Kyoto, just a short train ride away. It’s quite lovely there. There’s a river, a bridge, a mountain, and a ‘monkey park.’ They had a bunch of cute shops en route to the park, so we stopped by for some sakura flavored soft ice cream. Yum! I loved it, but it might be a little surprising if you’re not used to salty flavored ice cream. There was definitely a hint of salt brined sakura leaf in the flavor.

I also got some sakura mochi, rice cake flavored with cherry blossom and wrapped in cherry blossom leaf.

And some pics from the monkey park:

It was quite a hike up to the monkey area on the top of the mountain, but it was worth it. :) Once there, you can buy bags of fruit to feed to the monkeys through a mesh screen. They were so cute!

It was much safer to get close-up shots through the screen. My brother tried to get a few face to face, and it got a little hairy, lol.

I’m not sure where else to put the follow pics, so I’ll attach them here. This was from breakfast on the morning we went to Arashiyama. We just had a quick bite at some restaurant inside Kyoto Station. We did a lot of dining there during our stay, since our hotel was literally right across the street. This restaurant was totally unimpressive. It was a real dive, tiny ass little place where the wait was long and the service kind of harried.


The coffee was nice and strong.

And the breakfast set was filling, though uninspired. I get the feeling western style breakfast isn’t much of a thing here. What’s that yogurt looking thing? I don’t even remember. The spot of ketchup is kind of hilarious …

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