Nihonbashi Karari

There’s a store called Yodobashi Camera, which is like a Best Buy on steroids. There are floors upon floors of every kind of electronics you can imagine. Of course, they specialize in cameras, so there’s plenty of those to be had as well. They also have a lot of other stuff too, like suitcases and travel accessories, book shop…there are even fashion floors (though I’m not sure if they’re particularly affiliated with Yodobashi or just happen to share the same building). The top floor is the restaurant floor, and we took several meals there while in Kyoto.

After spending a morning browsing the electronics sections, we headed up for lunch at a tempura and soba noodle chain called Nihonbashi Karari. I’m not sure why we picked this place, since we’d already had our share of tempura the day before…but nevertheless. All the meal sets came with tempura in some form – over rice, by itself… I wanted to go a little light, so just ordered soba noodles by themselves, “zaru” style (with cold dipping sauce).

I really liked it! The texture was great, with just a little bite. I felt like I’d been eating soggy noodles all my life up until that point.

The rest:

Really adorable condiments! Hot pepper for the soba broth, and salt for tempura.

Nice little close-up of the soba noodles. Mmm..

And the tempura, which my brother got with his side of soba noodles. I had a few pieces, but the soba was enough to fill me up by itself. :)

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