Starbucks: Shinagawa Station

I feel like there were a lot more Starbucks in Japan than the last time I was here. The menu is pretty much the same except pricier. I got a tall cappuccino for 380 yen, or about $3.82. But unlike the cappuccinos I’ve been getting at the Starbucks in DC, it actually tasted more espresso-like. In the US, don’t usually get Starbucks espresso drinks without ordering an extra shot because it otherwise tastes like milk, not coffee.

You can supposedly get free Wifi service at Starbucks stores in Japan, but I wasn’t about to connect to it, myself. The Starbucks in Shinagawa also had some food items like this quiche – which I didn’t try – and a baum cake, which is pretty ubiquitous in Japan.

More after the cut:

If you order soy milk, they put a sticker on it, just to be sure. x) I think I’ll start ordering more soy cappuccinos from hereon. I actually don’t mind the flavor of it.

Nice little view from the cafe into the station. Not a lot of people on Sunday morning.

Who knew trash could be so complicated? Just have one for trash, another for recycling, yeesh. I have a friend (a frequent dining partner that shall remain unnamed) who used to live in Japan, and she confided that she used to sneak out of her apartment in the middle of the night to throw her trash away because she didn’t know what went where, and didn’t want to get into trouble for doing it wrong, lol.

I did like that there was a separate compartment for liquids, though. I always feel bad throwing away a cup with unfinished coffee into the trash can.

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