Blue Talon Bistro

Some friends and I took a weekend trip down to Williamsburg, Virginia a few weeks ago, and I’m here to give you a full report on the food that was had! We took the train down on Friday night, then ventured out the following day for an early brunch. We stopped in to Blue Talon Bistro, located in historic downtown Williamsburg. Everything is pretty close together in the town, and there are lots of cute shops and restaurants just in that area.

The interior of Blue Talon was absolutely adorable, with warm blue, red, and yellow hues that made the place very nice and inviting. Of course, there were a number of rooster decorations propped up around the restaurant, and in the area where we sat, they had a pretty tin ceiling with a design pounded into it. The whole atmosphere was airy, country chic.

As for the food: pictured above is my dish, the Belgian waffles with smoked bacon and fruit compote. This was the best waffle I’ve had in forever! It was incredibly soft and light on the inside, but with just enough crispy on the outside. Loved the compote, which was made with blueberries and had a nice tartness to contrast with the syrup.

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I had to take a photo of the “historic tap water” and the adorable Blue Talon plates they provided. The water did taste quite good!

To drink (aside from the historic tap), I got a Parisian hot chocolate. This was extremely rich and decadent, like a melted down high quality chocolate bar. Very thick and creamy! Loved the home made marshmallow on top of it.

My friend got the cold brewed iced coffee, which came in this fabulous tall glass. It was really refreshing!

My other friend got a brunch classic, a mimosa. I think she got the traditional kind, though they had a number of varieties, including passion fruit and tangerine. She said it was pretty standard.

Sausage and grits casserole with poached eggs. Oh my god, this was amazing. The grits were made with Cheddar cheese, and were the creamiest, tastiest grits I’ve ever had! And I’ve had quite a few grits in DC (mostly with shrimp). This will be the standard by which I compare all grits in future. I loved it with the sausage. I think with the whole Smithfield pork thing, the Williamsburg area just boasts a lot of pork centric dishes! Results are pretty satisfying. Eggs might have been a touch over, but I actually prefer it that way.

Spicy black bean stew with Chorizo, ham, onion, garlic and two poached eggs. I didn’t taste this, but my friend seemed to enjoy it. =)

I so wish they had a place like this near me, because I’d be there in heartbeat every weekend! ♥

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