Honey Pig

My friend T had been talking up a storm about Honey Pig forever. A few months back, we finally took him up on it and drove out to Annandale with a group of hungry meat lovers to get our Korean BBQ on! The place is apparently open 24-7 (except Mondays 2am-11am) and you can almost always find some kind of crowd in there whatever hour of the day. The decor is pretty bare bones, almost industrial looking with cement floors and sheet metal panels on the walls. You can tell they’ve just forgone the extra frills and you just go there for the good eats.

We were seated fairly quickly upon arrival, which was surprising since I’d expected to wait a while. (We did have a reservation, but I had heard that sometimes you still have to wait). We ordered an obscene amount of food to share with the table and sat back to wait for it all to roll in.

Pictured above is the seafood pancake, which was pretty tasty. Imagine a scallion pancake but with all kinds of savory seafood chunks like shrimp and squid. It came with a dipping sauce and i thought it was a great thing to nibble on as the meat was being cooked.

The rest under the cut:

We got a bottle of soju for the table. I’ve always been wary of trying soju because it sounds so much like “shochu” – Japanese potato liquor. And I’ve always hated shochu. It’s got a very pungent smell and taste that I abhor. But I tried some soju and it’s actually much more like sake than shochu. Crisp and non-offensive. ;)

Banchan, or Korean style side dishes, came courtesy with the meal. There was kimchi, pickled cucumbers with beansprouts, and a bunch of other stuff I don’t even remember but it was all very good.

A simple salad with leafy greens and onions, with a splash of vinaigrette. Also part of the banchan.

Steamed dumpling casserole, which I believe was made with pork. I liked the flavors in this a lot. A few of my friends found the texture of the meat rather unappetizing though. It’s that strange slightly ground soft consistency they have in some kebob dishes.

Kalbi! Aaah, these beef short ribs were excellent. The waiter comes by and cooks it right in front of you (there’s a grill in the middle of the table), cutting it up in nice slices. Mmm…I want some again. We also got spicy pork belly but the photo came out very blurry so I won’t be posting that here.

I don’t remember exactly what this was called, but it had seafood in it, and some veggies. No one was really enthusiastic about this dish, which was sad because it came out last. We ended on a down note, but even that wasn’t enough to dampen our foodie spirits!

Afterward, we stopped in at Shilla Korean Bakery (across the street), where they sell all kinds of pastries, cakes, breads, and – strangely enough – shave ice.

In all, a fabulous foray into the rarely ventured territory of Virginia (for me, anyway!)

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