Thanksgiving 2011

Okay, so totally belated, but I really wanted to post these pics from Thanksgiving because it was an amazing time with lots of great food, and it would be a shame to let these linger away on my hard drive.

Hosted by my favorite foodie pair N & I, Turkey Day 2011 was bound to be a dazzling affair and it did not disappoint. Pictured above is the turkey that was purchased from an (Amish?) farm somewhere, and shipped fresh and express. I thought it came out really well, succulent and perfect. (Sorry it’s at a weird angle…it was hard to get it all in one shot!)

The rest of the feast after the jump:

I made a roasted beet and clementine salad with arugula and sherry vinaigrette. This was actually pretty labor intensive for a salad. What took the most amount of time was peeling every single sliver of orange. I thought it came out pretty tasty though, if I can say so myself. xD;;

Corn souffle, but the hostess. Aah, airy and amazing! I love corn, so of course this was one of my favorite dishes. If I were ambitious enough, I would ask for the recipe.

What’s a Thanksgiving dinner without a great cranberry sauce? This was the homemade version, though they also had the canned variety.

Brussels sprouts hash, also by the hostess. I love brussels sprouts, for their slight bitterness.

Another hostess-made dish, the leek mac and cheese, always amazing!! Love, love, love this recipe.

Someone brought mashed potatoes, and they were creamy and fab.

Pearl onions! Nice and sweet.

Candied sweet potatoes, also brought in by a guest~

Vegetarian stuffing! And I remember this because they put a green pot holder behind it to distinguish it from the non-vegetarian.

…which would be this one.

Desserts were also had, though I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of them. =( There was pie, ice cream, cupcakes…and most importantly – sticky toffee pudding! In all, a wonderful meal and a lovely Thanksgiving spent around fabulous people. ♥

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