Woot, an update! I’ve decided to just start with a more recent meal, since slogging through the folders of old food pics is getting a little daunting… And by recent I mean last night’s dinner! This must be some kind of record for me. (^__~)v

I admit I haven’t really dined much in the Silver Spring area, which by my own cursory observation, is mostly filled with chain restaurants that don’t warrant a special visit or blog posting. I’m not so confident that this is actually the case. There are probably a number of nice little places in the city that I’ve never heard of, and I was recently introduced to two such places within the course of a few weeks. One was 8407 Kitchen Bar across the street from the Metro station. I unfortunately didn’t take any pictures of that meal so there won’t be a post about it, but it was very good (and I hope to make another visit soon). The other place was Jackie’s Restaurant, which is the one I went to last night.

I think Jackie’s has been around for a while, because I’ve been seeing it for a long time from my train window as it pulls into Silver Spring station. I’d never actually been inside it until yesterday though! The interior is pretty cute, and very pink, with kind of retro looking chairs and comfortable booths stuffed with throw pillows. The lighting was pink as well, which was an interesting contrast to the rustic stone walls and almost warehouse like windows. I liked the open kitchen, but hated the ceiling. It’s one of those ceilings that are open, so you can see all the wires and pipes that should normally be covered up. I know people leave it there as a design element but I have always despised this look, as it feels very unfinished and I frankly think it’s very ugly.

Moving on to the food! I was kind of intrigued by the menu, which offered things that aren’t all that commonly seen in area restaurants, like wild boar and pheasant. I was curious about the pheasant, so I was glad when my friend ordered it. Pictured above: Pheasant ragout with black trumpet mushrooms over trofie pasta and pecorino toscano. I had a bite of it, and it was as the waitress described – like a hardy stew. It’s definitely a gamey bird, probably a good choice for a stew to bring out its rich flavors. I thought the pasta was interesting, as it had a dense texture to it. There were actually a few bones it this dish though, which I’m guessing was a mistake.

The rest:

I got a hot apple cider. Nothing particularly remarkable, but it sure warmed me up on a cold night!

I got their lentil soup, which had nice onion crispy things. I don’t actually remember what it was, but there was definitely chunks of some fruit in there as well, which was…interesting. The lentils themselves were actually rather bland.

I had the pan roasted rockfish with pork belly and peewee potatoes, brussels sprouts and citrus beurre blanc. The fish was light and fabulous, perfectly cooked with a crispy sear on the skin. Loved the brussels sprouts, which retained some great texture and color. (I’ve never had brussels sprouts so green before!) Pork belly, you can never go wrong with, in my opinion. Loved the bright citrus sauce as well.

After dinner, we popped in to the Sidebar next door for a cocktail. They have a really great drink menu there, and I had a champagne cocktail with elderflower that was pink and fabulous. X) It’s a nice little lounge and they have a pool table in the back that you can use for free (so long as you’re paying for something else). They have an intriguing list of $25 cocktails that use some rare liquors in the mix, if you’re interested in that sort of thing. =)

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