25 Sep 2011, 3:46pm

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Ravioli Party

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a ravioli dinner party. I actually didn’t think I’d be blogging the event, as I didn’t even bring my camera. I kind of regretted not bringing it after seeing how beautiful everything was! Happily, one of the dinner guests (Dan) did bring a camera, so all the pictures herein are credited to him. Thanks, Dan!

The party itself was really lovely. We must’ve opened half a dozen wine bottles while chatting about everything from international travels to hypothetical animal life-companions (don’t ask) all the while Cibo Matto played ambient music in the background. (I don’t remember if their “Shut up and eat!” song was in rotation). At one point in the evening, we witnessed something quite amazing: an enormous flock of birds circling the building next door in a surreal ritual of sorts. After circling around for about an hour, they dived into a chimney, one after the other. It was the most bizarre thing I’d ever seen.

I digress. Aside from the wonderful company and appropriate dinner room conversation, the highlight was definitely the fabulous food. Our hostess went all out with everything! Pictured above is the crustini, with grilled veggies and crumbly cheese. (^__^)/

The rest after the jump:

Our hostess set out these colorful Japanese-inspired napkin holders, complete with name tags and adorable senko hanabi (sparklers). I haven’t used my sparkler yet, but it’s sitting prettily on my shelf here.

There was a cool gazpacho soup for the appetizer course. Loved the little cubed bits of cucumber that added a nice crunch! The bowls were darling, too.

Here’s some of the pasta after it was rolled out via ravioli making attachment to the Kitchen Aid stand mixer. You roll the dough into a little slot, spoon in the filling, and just turn the lever. Out comes the ravioli in miraculous sheets!

And here’s the finished product, a cheesy filling ravioli topped with a luscious homemade tomato sauce. Delicious! There was also a wonderful beet ravioli that was quite good.

Hum . . . looking at those photos, I was clearly drinking WAY too much.


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