Tabard Inn

There are plenty of places in DC that offer brunch on the weekends, but I’d heard especially good things about the Tabard Inn. According to their website, it is recommended that you make brunch reservations two to three weeks in advance. I think I’d ended up making them only one week out, so my reservation was on the tail end of the brunch hours. Metro being…Metro, I was terribly delayed and was afraid I wouldn’t get there in time! Thankfully, they were nice enough to seat my friend, who got there on time, and she went ahead and put in our orders so the kitchen wouldn’t be closed by the time I arrived. The staff there was really nice about everything, and didn’t rush us through our meal or anything. (^__^)

I loved the decor, with the quaint black and white tiles and cozy atmosphere. It was so welcoming and warm. When I arrived, the housemade doughnuts were already on the table. ♥ My friend was so good about this and didn’t start in on them until I had a chance to take my pictures. XD I actually felt kind of bad about this, because as a result of the wait, the doughnuts didn’t taste as freshly fried as they could have, had we eaten them when they first came out. Still, they weren’t bad!

The rest of the brunch under the cut:

My friend got the omelet with brie cheese, mushrooms, scallions and home fries. Mmm…homey goodness!

I got French toast, which came with whipped cream and apple butter. Loved it! Classic and fabulous.

I always like getting a side of something savory with a sweet brunch dish, so I ordered the country pork sausage. These were very tasty indeed!

Hoping to go back to this place again soon, perhaps to try their homemade smoked salmon. ♥

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