Panya Bistro

My last Hawaii post takes me to Ala Moana shopping center, where I had lunch at Panya Bistro. Unlike the Panya I covered in a previous post, which was just a small bakery outpost, this one is a full on restaurant with savories as well as sweets on the menu. The food was not bad, though nothing to really call home about. Pictured above is the coconut chicken curry with fried rice. The curry was on the mild side, and creamy. I liked how the chicken was on the bone – it gave the dish a very hardy feeling to it.

And the rest!

I made the mistake of ordering the Viennese coffee. Disgusting. I actually had to send it back, which is something I almost never do. Made a pretty picture, at least.

I ordered a tea latte instead, and it was a vast improvement! It tasted a lot like the milk tea that you get in Japan. The stuff comes in powder form and you can mix up your batch if your Asian market carries it. I got a couple bags of this stuff for my brother for Christmas because he loves it, but I had to order it online and get it imported from Japan. Not cheap.

My friend and I shared a plate of garlic custini, which came with two toppings – chicken curry salad and seafood salad. A tasty little treat to go with my tea latte. (^__^)v

And there you have it – 6 months later – the foodie tour of Oahu and Kaua’i! Can’t wait to go back for more. ♥

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