All right, I’m finally at my penultimate Hawaii post! I can’t believe it’s taken me 6 MONTHS to get through these posts. I’m ashamed to say I still have DC posts from November that I haven’t blogged yet. I’m a failure! (;___;) Will have to console self by remembering the fabulous meal that was my last dinner in Honolulu.

My friend has fabulous taste in food, so I was expecting nothing less than spectacular when she took me to Hiroshi, one of her favorite restaurants in Hawaii. Hiroshi serves Eurasion [sic] tapas, which I guess is Euro/Asian fusion food? Whatever it was, it was delicious. The fish was fresh and perfectly prepared, and everything that came out was beautiful to look at and bursting with flavor. I would definitely go back there again the next time I’m in Honolulu!

I couldn’t get a nice shot of my drink (lychee soda), but it was absolutely amazing – refreshing and sweet, but not too much so.

Pictured above is the Crispy Skin Thai snapper (they weren’t serving moi that night). It was served with “Mrs Cheng’s tofu,” edamame, Kahuku corn and Hau’ula dried tomato-hijiki broth. An amazing dish altogether. Loved the crispy fish that paired wonderfully with the smooth tofu. The broth had a lot of flavor and I just wanted to drink it all up!

The rest:

Complimentary rice crackers with wasabi sauce. Crispy and delicious! We had to rein ourselves in so we didn’t get full before we even got our first order! If you ask really nicely, they might bring you more. ;)

My friend doesn’t like carpaccio so I got to have this dish all to myself. This ‘Sizzlin’ Hamachi Carpaccio was served with julienned ginger, tomato concasse, Mrs. Cheng’s tofu and truffled ponzu. There was just the right balance of acidity and salt. The truffled ponzo wasn’t overbearing at all. Wonderful.

Miso yaki butterfish, wilted nalo tatsoi and lemon ume gelee with baby bok choy. As the name suggests, the fish was smooth and buttery. So good! The miso marinade was salty sweet and fab.

Steamed kurobuta pork belly with torched brie cheese, ginger, shiso, hau’ula tomato scallion salad, nori wrapped musubi and adobo sauce. The musubi – a rice ball wrapped in seaweed – is not pictured. (It’s hard to get the full picture when the plates are so long!) Honestly, the rice was kind of an afterthought, and kind of unnecessary. I suppose they just wanted to balance the plate with a starch since there’s so much protein there? I’ve had many a pork belly in my life, and this was not a disappointment by far. Rich and decadent as you would expect of any good pork belly. The brie might’ve been a little too much richness, but overall a great plate of food.

For dessert, a haupia lemongrass creme brulee with raspberry sorbet. Creamy and delicious! The sorbet was a nice touch, a burst of tartness to contrast the rich milkiness of the creme brulee.

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