Bistro D’OC

Bistro D’OC is a little southern French restaurant near the Ford’s Theater in downton DC. They have a nice and relatively affordable menu of items that were all very thoughtfully done and tasted comforting and warm, like bistro food ought. Pictured above is my main course – squab roasted with chanterelle mushrooms and fingerling potato with a gratin of turnips. It was decent, though I was a bit disappointed by how little meat was actually on the bones (though I do realize it’s a small bird..). And it didn’t quite hold up to the squab dish I had at Citronelle, which made me a squab fan to begin with!

The rest of the meal:

Lobster bisque “cappuccino” of coconut milk with ginger and wild lemon leaves. Creamy, lobstery and divine! I only had a sip of my friend’s order, but I wanted a bowl for myself.

Warm baby beets, shallot chives olive oil vinaigrette and creamy polenta. Mmm…beets. I mostly prefer chilled beets in a salad, but this was quite good too. Of course, loved the polenta, which was indeed very creamy.

Angus short ribs slowly cooked in red wine with mushrooms and rutabaga, potato puree. I love great wine sauces, especially when paired with mushrooms. I had a bite of this dish and I loved the short ribs, very tender.

I didn’t have any of this chicken roasted with garlic, but it sure looked great. Look at that crispy skin! By the way, can you tell that they love that rosemary garnish at this place? Lol.

I took the dessert pictures without flash because the light just white washed the whipped cream. As a result, the images came out looking kind of grainy and faded after some tweaking in Photoshop, but I kinda like this retro look. XD This is the Griottes wild cherry soaked in armagnac with vanilla ice cream, crispy meringue and whipped cream. Doesn’t it look cute? Loved it. The tartness of the cherries was a perfect match with the creamy sweetness of the rest.

I had the warm brioche peach pudding with armagnac ice cream. Mmm…peach pudding. ♥ Perfection!

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