Ah, finally back to posting about home! These first few posts are going to be kind of vague, since I didn’t really takes notes and it’s been a few months little while since I’ve had these meals. (^___^);;;

I’ll start with a lunch I had at Amalfi, a family owned Italian restaurant located in the back roads of Rockville. It’s apparently been there for a while, probably even back when I was taking my dogs to the veterinary hospital right next door, but I never knew about it! Funny enough, it also happens to be next to a bakery I discovered recently – St. Michel (cash only).

The decor is pretty dated but it’s cozy enough. Pictured above is the clams in garlic broth, which were simple and delicious.

The rest after the jump:

Tilapia with white wine and capers. My mom really enjoyed this dish, which means it wasn’t too heavy on the garlic. ;)

I had the chicken marsala, which was really good…the wine flavor really came through in the sauce, which I can’t say is true for every chicken marsala I’ve had in other places.

Each main course came with a side of pasta, either with marinara or alfredo sauce. Good al dente spaghetti with a tasty marinara sauce – very nice!

Finished off with a hot cup of cappuccino. ♥

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