26 Jun 2011, 10:32am
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Toi’s Thai Kitchen

During my stay in Honolulu, my friend and I popped over to Kauai for a weekend trip. It’s just a quickie plane ride from Oahu. We arrived early and spent a good portion of the morning driving up the long and winding road to Waimea Canyon. The roads were very narrow and somewhat harrowing for an urban ninja like myself, but I managed to get us to the top in one piece! Unfortunately, many of the views were foggy, so we could barely see anything at all. (^__^);; But what we could see peeking through the mist was absolutely gorgeous!

After a morning of hard driving, we made our way down to the pier near Hanapepe for a quick bite before our boat tour to the Na Pali Coast. Our guidebook recommended a little place called Toi’s Thai Kitchen right near the docks. We ordered a pork pad thai to share (pictured above), and it was fabulous! The portion was enough to share, and the flavors were spot on.

They gave us a side of papaya salad as well:

I love papaya salad. It’s so refreshing and perfect on a warm day! ♥

Oh wow, both dishes look utterly delicious. I love the way they’ve presented the salad – it’s like no salad I’ve seen before. Yum! :)

Yeah, loved both dishes! The salad was a nice change from the usual complimentary bread you get at most restaurants. ;)


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