Sushi Bistro Shun

Can’t go to Hawaii without checking out a sushi joint, and so we headed to Sushi Bistro Shun in the Moilili neighborhood after it came highly recommended by a friend. We sat at the bar (another recommendation) and I ordered up a bunch of things from the sushi menu a la carte. Of course, I had to try to the chutoro (pictured above), buttery and fresh as it should be.

The rest:

The menu is pretty extensive, but if there’s nothing on it to suit your fancy (unlikely), you can pick something from their specials menu, which they bring around on a cute little board.

I always like to order a cucumber roll…so simple and light!

Some tuna and sweet shrimp nigiri! I don’t really like regular shrimp sushi generally because it always tastes a bit bland. The sweet shrimp, on the other hand, I do love. It’s got a great sleek texture and mild flavor that complements the sushi rice well.

Plus, they give you the shrimp head, fried with a slice of lemon. o(^__^)o Fabulous!

I ordered an eel nigiri, and the portion of the eel was obscene! I did feel like I got my money’s worth, but I actually prefer a normal sized portion. One of the things I’m particular about with sushi is the rice-to-topping ratio. Too much topping is just as much of a turn-off as too much rice.

More sushi! I just kept ordering sporadically throughout the meal. XD

One of the non-sushi items we ordered was the Japanese style burger (“hamburg steak”), which comes without a bun. It’s more like a meatloaf patty than a burger in the American sense. This one came topped with ground daikon radish (yum) and in broth. The portion was quite generous, and our sushi chef made me feel a little guilty because we couldn’t finish it. Lol!

We also ordered the pork kakuni, or slow braised pork. The meat was tender and steeped in flavor – absolutely fatty and decadent. ♥

Believe it or not, we ordered the miso butterfish too, but I think we ended up canceling that order because we were already stuffed from all this meat and sushi as it was! In all, a fabulous place with fresh ingredients and cozy atmosphere. I only wish they had a place like this back home.

As we were leaving the restaurant, the sushi chef called out to us (like he did with all his other customers), “See you tomorrow!” Ah, if only I could.

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