Caffe Coco

After our day-long boat ride to the Na Pali Coast, we headed to the hotel to get washed up and ready for dinner. (Actually, we had gone on the “sunset dinner” cruise, which sounds much more luxurious than it was. The “cruise” aspect of it was quite bumpy going and it took a long time to get to the coastline. The views were fabulous though, and on the way back we were joined by a pod of playful bottle nose dolphins! But I don’t have much in terms of “sea legs” and ended up feeling quite queasy near the end. Couldn’t even look at the food they prepared, which I think was kind of typical buffet style fare).

I felt so rejuvenated after washing up, but by then it was getting pretty late in the evening – by Kaua’i standards, anyway. All the restaurants close up around 9pm there, even on the weekends! The nice restaurant we’d made reservations at was a 40 minute drive away, and it was already well past 8. In the end, we decided to check out a quaint local restaurant (Caffe Coco) about 5 minutes up the street from the hotel.

Caffe Coco is one of those authentically Kauaiian local joints, kind of hippy and rustic, and run by the kind of proprietor who makes her liliquoi sauce from the trees she has on the premises. The dining area was outside under a tent, and there was a stage area where they had a live band and hula dancers. We ordered our food at the counter near the back, then found an open table where we sat down to enjoy the music and dancing. I loved the laid back atmosphere and outdoorsy feeling of the place!

Pictured above is the tofu potstickers, with gauva grilling sauce. I was surprised by how flavorful they were, considering they had no meat in them!

We ordered two different kinds of drinks – a hibiscus cooler and ginger lemonade. Both housemade, and very refreshing. I loved the gingery kick in lemonade. I think I need to find a recipe for this, as I think it would be perfect for cooling off in the summer heat here!

Black sesame ahi with wasabi cream sauce, served with rice and silver noodle salad. Yum! I actually think ahi tends to be a little tough sometimes so it’s not my favorite fish. But this was well prepared, and the black sesame went really well with it.

We ordered a haupia jello with liliquoi sauce to go – it was excellent, but I forgot to take a picture of it, unfortunately!

I did remember to take lots of photos on the cruise though. Here’s the sunset, as advertised! ;)

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