Tea at Hawaii Prince Hotel

After a long day’s shopping at Ala Moana mall, my friend and I stopped in at Hawaii Prince Hotel in Waikiki for afternoon tea. This hotel is right by the water, and its afternoon tea is served in its airy foyer overlooking the yacht harbor. The foyer has an elevated seating area, and the waiter brings out the food from one of the restaurants that flank the atrium. The service was on the slow side (maybe because of its location), and I thought the furniture looked a bit retro (in a dated way, not in a hip way). It was a nice and sunny area though, and I did enjoy getting a breather.

The afternoon tea itself was just…okay. Nothing spectacular or unique about it. When a tea is done with little flair and no originality, I scrutinize it even more. If there’s nothing standout about the menu, then they should at least attempt to do a good version of the traditional tea. Not so here. I think they need to go back to the drawing board and study a real tea.

Pictured above is my Darjeeling, which was actually quite nice. Loved the china pattern. The rest:

The table was already set up when we got there. Nice crisp white table cloth and pretty china.

I did appreciate the minor details, like the lemons sliced lengthwise and spread out so nicely over a plate.

Sandwich course consisted of seafood salad, chicken salad and cucumber. I thought the portions were generous. Maybe they were a little bigger than the usual finger food size, but I didn’t mind so much.

The raisin scones were a huge disappointment. First off, they weren’t really scones but more like biscuits. They weren’t crumbly like a traditional scone, and the accompanying “Devonshire cream” was not actually a cream at all. It was more like a creme fraiche, loose and tart like a yogurt. I wanted that thick, whipped cream to slather all over a scone, and I was sorely disappointed. The biscuit wasn’t bad tasting, but a poor replacement for a scone.

The dessert course consisted of chocolates and chocolate dipped fruits. How utterly uninspired. I’m yawning here just remembering the lack of imagination at work.

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