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Some time during the trip, we naturally had to stop at by the L&L Hawaiian Barbecue for a quick bite. L&L is a fast food joint that serves Japanese-esque comfort food. They do franchise their brand – mostly in the west, though they do have a branch or two in New York.

Pictured above is the pork katsu (breaded and fried pork), which came with a side of rice and macaroni salad. I’m not sure what was up with the macaroni salad, but that seemed to be the usual accompaniment to the meal. I thought the pork was really tasty, if a little bit overdone.

I had the beef teriyaki:

I thought it was a pretty big and unwieldy slab of meat, but it wasn’t bad for the price. I could probably do without the macaroni salad, which was a little too bland and heavy on the mayo.

I think L&L is a nice alternative from the usual fast food joints, though.

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