Happy May Day everybody! I’m veering off my slowly trickling Hawaii posts to write about last week’s tour de force of culinary mastery known as the Easter Pot-luck Dinner of Epicness. Hosted by my friends who also brought you their Christmas Dinner (where, if you recall, we couldn’t congratulate ourselves enough for a job well done), the event was filled to the brim with so much food and fabulosity that the guests hardly knew what to do with it all. And to make matters even more intense, we had a rowdy game of Taboo afterward that I don’t think I’ve recovered from yet. (Ever notice that when you’re playing this game, your voice keeps rising and rising until you realize you’re screaming at the top of your lungs? I think somehow this contributes to the effectiveness of your strategy, because everyone gets so crazed that they shout back anything, everything that comes to mind, and ONE of those things has to be the right answer!!)

Pictured above is the ham, which our lovely hostess made using Alton Brown’s City Ham recipe. Alton is always a good bet, and it certainly was the case here. The ham actually came out quite late in the evening, but I still scarfed down a few succulent slices despite the fact that I’d already eaten enough food for 3 people. The crust was wondrous and crispy, and the meat perfectly cooked.

The rest:

I’d heard all about the Tomato Tarte Tartin but never had a chance to try it until now. Oooh my god. So good. And very rich! Had to have a second slice, even though I could barely take anymore food, because I just wanted the flavor in my mouth. This was served as an appetizer, but it would do just as well as a dessert. I love the idea of tomatoes for dessert.

There was cheese of every kind imaginable.

Spreadable cheeses..

Blue cheese..

Even cheese in a jar.

Homemade spiced popcorn…delicious!

Quinoa and watermelon salad, sweet and refreshing. Quinoa is kind of like couscous except not really.

An ocean of leek mac ‘n cheese…that’s what I’m talkin’ about! (*_____*)

Brussels sprout hash with carmelized shallots, one of my favorite sides of the evening. I feel like Brussels sprout is my new veggie sensation. …Not that I’m abandoning my love for leeks or anything!

Mmm…cauliflowers. I liked these very much too!

I made Alton Brown’s shephed’s pie, this time using ground lamb for the first time. I thought the meat portion had a bit too much liquid, but I think it came out okay otherwise. Needed a pinch more salt. I’m always afraid to be too heavy-handed with the salt.

Espresso cheesecake, made by my hostess’s fabulous brother. ♥

There were several other dishes, ALL of which were quite brilliant, including green beans, fresh veggies with hummus and tzatziki, biscuits with bacon jam, and a chomeur pudding (which I ONCE AGAIN failed to photograph), but I was unfortunately too busy stuffing my face to capture it all on my camera. m(_ _)m

Thanks to all who made it an Easter to remember!

Wow, evrything looks so tasty!!
And you had a great times well, so that makes a meeting to remember.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, Maye! (^__^)/ ♥


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