Tea at Morrison Clark

My friend hosts a Christmas Tea every December, and this year she had it at the historic Morrison Clark Hotel. Our party of about 18 people had a room all to ourselves near the back of the restaurant, and we had a lovely buffet set out for us in the main room, filled with tiers of sandwiches and pastries. Pots of hot water were brought to us at the table, alongside baskets filled with nice teabags from Harney & Sons. I had several different kinds of teas, from Earl Gray to Dragon Pearl Jasmine. My favorite was the Pomegranate Oolong, which had a wonderfully floral flavor to it.

Now without much ado, the spread:

Sandwiches came in three different kinds: Scottish smoked salmon, watercress and cucumber, and chive egg salad. Surprisingly, I liked the egg one, though I’m generally not a fan of egg salad. It wasn’t as eggy as you might expect, and it had a very nice, whipped texture. I didn’t think the selection was especially imaginative, but they were very good versions of the classic!

There were bowls of berries too, which added some color and tartness to the plate. ♥

Dried fruit scones, chocolate truffles, and tea cookies. Everything was really good, but the scones were my favorite. Buttery, warm and delicious, they were not at all like the dried up scones that you might find in coffee shops around town.

Here’s a sight I always want to see at a tea: mounds and mounds of beautiful Devonshire cream. (*______*) This was a light and airy sort of cream, and it was sweetened just a touch. I didn’t feel the need to mix it with jam, though there were several different kinds of those available too – in cute mini jars. There was also some creamy butter and whipped cream.

As you can see, I sampled a little of everything. They brought out more scones near the end, so I helped myself to another one of those as well – colossal as they were, I just couldn’t resist.

What a lovely tradition! Now I want to plan a fancy tea! Everything looks beautiful.

Oh you should! X) ♥


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