Crouching Lion Inn

Continuing along with day 1…

We drove from Honolulu, heading east along the shores of Oahu, stopping at various lookout points to admire the view. Around lunch time, we took a lunch break at the Crouching Lion Inn Bar & Grill, so named after a rock formation located behind it. (I don’t think they’re actually an inn where you can stay…?) It’s located right by the water, which you can view from the restaurant’s patio seats. They also had an indoor seating area, and in retrospect, we probably should have sat there. The view was just as pretty from the inside if you got a window-side seat, and more importantly – there would’ve been no mosquitoes. It turned out that the day before I arrived, it had rained a lot on the island. It had cleared up in time for my round the island drive, but it also called out all the mosquitoes in the area, and they just had a holiday under the patio table. I took the brunt of it, as I was wearing a dress. I was probably bitten dozens of times. (;____o) (I also had an allergic reaction, which wasn’t very fun). The people at the restaurant were really nice and let us borrow some OFF spray, but it was too late by then.

Mosquito Hell put a damper on the meal, but the food was still pretty good. Nothing out of this world or anything, but I liked it! (^__^)

Pictured above are the drinks we got – a mango smoothie and the virgin “lava flow” with pineapple, coconut and strawberry. I thought the mango smoothie could’ve had more mango flavor. The lava flow was extremely sweet, which I suppose is good if you want dessert in a drink?

For the food, the three of us decided to get three pupus (appetizers) to share:

The Steamed Crouching Clams – “An old favorite – steam pot filled with fresh squeezed lemon and buttered garlic infused clams.” Ah, clams! Such sweet and succulent things! I love them. I thought they were pretty heavy handed on the garlic (that’s what you see piled on top there), but this dish was good, so long as I carefully picked off all the garlic pieces. Broth was pretty flavorful. A good sized portion for a pupu.

I recently had a bad experience with underdone fish ‘n chips, so I did appreciate that this one was cooked through. They used Mahi Mahi for this dish. I found that it was a little on the tough side, but I think it’s a fish that has the tendency to overcook in a fried dish like this one.

The coconut shrimp was my favorite. Loved the crispy crust and perfectly cooked shrimp! The sweet dipping sauce was nice as well.

Here’s the view from the patio. ♥

There were a few of these guys running wild. One even came up to the table before we shooed it away. I found them kind of cute at first (they’re ubiquitous around Oahu and Kauai). Then I went to Kauai and made the mistake of keeping my hotel window open to let in the night air. The damn cocks kept doing their cockadoodle doo thing in all hours of the night/early morning. It drove me a little crazy. (The following day, I almost ran one of those cocks down on the road with my ugly rental car! I was like “Just give me an excuse, little guy!!” …I didn’t, though. XD;;)

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