Bogart’s Café

Aloha!! You’ll have to excuse my long absence, as I’ve been living it up on the beaches of Hawaii for the last week and a half! I reluctantly left the sunny shores behind a few days ago, and I’m back at my computer ready to report on my foodie adventures in Oahu and Kauai. I tried quite a range of things during my trip, from local fare and classic Hawaiian comfort food to sushi and high tea. There were a few unfortunate low lights, but for the most part the food was excellent, and a delicious time was had by all.

I begin with Bogart’s Café, a cute little coffee shop not far from my friend’s apartment. We stopped in here on the morning after my arrival to get a pick-me-up before hitting the road to tour around Oahu.

My friends got a breakfast quesadilla to share, pictured above. You could pick the ingredients for the quesadilla, and I think my friends chose wisely with the mushroom and spinach combo. I had a bite, and it was quite tasty! A side of toast came with it.

I just got a coffee:

A cafe Vienna – espresso, honey, cinnamon and steamed milk. This was creamy and perfect, not too sweet. I loved it!

And I actually skipped getting food here, because I had eaten some homemade Indian food at my friend’s house earlier in the morning:

This was made from my friend’s mother’s recipe: a kabocha and lentil curry and upma made with Cream of Wheat and topped with a coconut chutney. Delicious! I had a lazy breakfast on the veranda overlooking Wikiki.

After getting coffee, we hopped into the car and drove ’round Oahu, stopping at various lookout points to enjoy the view. The day was sunny and bright – perfect!

It’s good to hear you had a great time!!
BTW, I just received you card, thank you very much! ^^


Ooh, the card finally arrived, yay! XD ♥


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