Taste of Saigon

One night, a friend and I got a hankering for some pho, so we naturally headed out to Pho 75 in Rockville, which still has the best pho in the area, in my opinion. Except…they were in the process of closing, and weren’t accepting new customers. Devastated, we poked around on the iPhone to see if any other pho-serving establishments were still open. We chose Taste of Saigon in Rockville Town Center and promptly headed over for some late evening pho-ness.

We were ushered into a dining area by the bar, which I thought was somewhat awkwardly placed behind a partition screen. But we did get a nice view of the bar, where a man in a panda suit (no joke) was hanging out, pretending to be drunk. I’m not sure if he was supposed to be one of the establishment’s attractions or not…? Anyway, in the midst of this bizarre performance, we ordered the calamari dish to share, and two small sized pho each.

Pictured above is the calamari, which was decent, though nothing spectacular. I thought the sweet sauce was a bit cloying, but maybe I just prefer salt and pepper flavors with my calamari. Or something bright and citrusy.

The pho:

It was okay. Not the complex combination of flavors I usually expect from a good pho broth, but it was enough to appease my craving for the day. Could probably have used a little more cilantro, as I’m a big fan of that. It always adds such a nice burst of freshness to a dish.

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