Rolls ‘n Rice

I had driven past the Rolls ‘n Rice a number times while en route to the Whole Foods in Rockville and was rather curious about it…so one day, I stopped in there for lunch with my mom. The interior was nice, with wide spaces, high ceilings and warm colors that were welcoming. I liked the wood paneled shelves on the walls, but the large stone fireplace confused me a little, as it seemed more hunting lodge rustic than zen.

The format is the same as the Taipei Tokyo across the street – you order your food at the front, get a number, take a seat. They’ll bring the food to you. I never really know what I’m supposed to do with tipping in such places. I usually leave a couple dollars, since they do bring the food and then bus your table later, but it’s just a little confounding.

Pictured above is the sushi combo A (8 pieces of nigiri with California roll). Price point was pretty good at $12.95. I thought the fish was decent, though maybe the rice could’ve been more tightly molded.

Tea is actually a pretty important part of the sushi eating experience for me, and the fact they served it here in a paper cup was off-putting. Even the cheapest kaiten sushi counters in Japan will serve tea in a real cup. Not to sound snobby or anything, but I do think these things matter.

I got the sushi and sashimi combo, which had 6 pieces of sashimi, 3 nigiri and a California roll. I appreciated the nice, thick slices of sashimi, and though I probably would’ve chosen something other than shrimp for the nigiri, I did like that they included eel in the selection.

This is definitely not the best and freshest sushi in the area, but not a bad place for a quick, casual bite.

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