In the old space that used to be Sesto Senso is a Mexican Cantina called Lupe, and I stopped in there a little while ago to meet up some friends for a quick dinner. The interior is pretty nice, with the high ceilings that I remember from the old place, and warm, colorful decor that wasn’t too over the top. The chairs could’ve been more comfortable, but in all, the place was very pleasing.

I got the fish tacos (pictured above), which came with beans and rice. I thought it was okay, but rather underseasoned and in need of a good sprinkle of salt. I thought it lacked punch, as I expected a bright citrus flavor or spiciness from the salsa, neither of which were present.

I also had the corn on the cob:

Mexican corn elote: “Large piece of fresh stewed corn on the cob, rubbed with lime juice and a light blend of mayonnaise, cheese & chili powder.” This was actually pretty good! I sliced off all the corn with a knife (with some effort), and blended it all together for a hearty bite of corn. I thought the mayo was a bit overpowering of the corn, but I enjoyed this enough.

Not sure if this place deserves a repeat visit for the food specifically, but it does seem like a nice place to hang out in, if you’re in the area.

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