Christmas Cookies

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!

Just wanted to drop in with this cookie post, since I got such cute and colorful ones at the Les Delices Bakery today. (I’ll be doing another post on this bakery later). I ♥ this bakery very much! This cash-only place is off of Gude Drive in Rockville.

I really liked these cookies! Nice, and not too sweet. They paired perfectly with my cup of Prince of Wales tea with milk. (^__^)

I also got a tin of Christmas themed cookies from Yoku Moku, a Japanese cookie company. (Not at Les Delices – these were a gift). I love their smooth, buttery cookies! It’s a bit of a hassle to unwrap each one when you just wanna dive in and eat them all in one go, but I suppose it helps to restrain yourself so you don’t consume an entire tin at once.

Obviously, I took the above picture after several cookies had already been eaten, but you can still see how cheerful it looked with all the pretty colors. As for the cookies themselves:

Clockwise from far left: Bateau de macadamia (“buttery shortbread cookies generously topped with macadamia nuts and totally covered in milk chocolate”), Billet au chocolat au lait (“thin, butter-vanilla cookies doubled over and totally covered in milk chocolate”), Billet aux amandes chocolat (“thin, butter-vanilla cookies doubled over with a milk chocolate base and topped with almond slivers”), and Pleine lune (“shortbread cookies with a milk chocolate base”). There was also a very rich and fabulous Cigare, the rolled cookie with a “delicate vanilla taste,” which I didn’t photograph, because they were all broken. (;___;) But they still tasted wonderful!

The front of the tin is really cute, too. X)

Nice pics, ninja! I can’t wait to try the bakery.


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