Bar Pilar

I had the most delicious time at Bar Pilar for dinner a few weeks ago, and it’s definitely now on my top places to eat in the U Street corridor. It’s a narrow little neighborhood restaurant with lots of character and charm and serves small plates, tapas style, for sharing. Their website describes their cuisine as “New American” with a focus on organic and seasonal produce.

Pictured above is the whole grilled prawns with lemon, olive oil, and sea salt. It’s absolutely true that there is perfection in simplicity, and this is it. No fancy flairs to overpower the natural, wonderful flavor of the prawn.

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I seem to hit a ginger ale / ginger beer stride lately, and find myself ordering it quite often. I think it’s mostly due to this ginger beer, which I fell in love with after the first fiery sip. There’s something about the ice cold fizz of soda combined with a ginger kick that I can’t get enough of. I had to order two of these because the bottle was so small. (It looked cute, though). Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any restaurants that serve this, aside from this one.

Grilled zucchini with lemon, olive oil, and sea salt. Ah ha! Same winning combination! Why mess with success, right? Lovely sear with a nice crunch.

Arugula with pecorino, olive oil, red wine vinegar. Light and refreshing, with that peppery note of arugula that I so adore.

You already know that I just don’t understand people who hate mushrooms, and here’s the reason why. Sauteed hen of the woods mushrooms with whipped potatoes – earthy and gorgeous, with that mysterious flavor they call “umami,” somewhere between sweet and savory. My mouth waters just thinking about it. XD

All day roasted pork shoulder with garlic trencher. As you would expect, it was tender and juicy. (*___*) Trencher is stale bread placed underneath the pork…which we didn’t eat. (I think we were supposed to, though). Isn’t the plate darling?

Last but not least, fried chicken in peanut oil, with pickles and tomato. The skin was golden, crispy and fabulous, and the meat tender and moist. It wasn’t oily at all, which is always a pleasant thing with fried chicken.

Fabulous meal. In short, I cannot wait to go back!!

Just saw this posted on Bar Pilar’s facebook page!

Oh, cool! X)

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