I visited the Againn Rockville branch for lunch a little while ago (actually, it was quite a while ago XD;;). I thought that the Rockville branch would be somewhat more affordable, but it was still on the pricey side – especially for lunch. The food was pretty good though, and I thought the decor was nice and cozy (if a little on the dark side).

There was one glitch in the service – my waiter removed my drink (peach iced tea) when it was still half done. When he brought me a fresh one soon after, I thought he’d switched out the old for new so the ice wouldn’t dilute my drink. I was a little vexed later to find out that he’d charged me for the second drink that I’d never asked for. I probably should have said something, but I don’t like causing too much fuss.. Aside from that minor incident, the service was good and attentive.

On to the food! Pictured above are the mussels with white wine and garlic broth. These were very succulent and lovely. I enjoyed the broth very much, and would love to try it out at home.

The rest:

The butternut squash soup, creamy and nice texture. I liked the sweetness of it, though the flavor wasn’t as bright as I would have preferred.

The grilled salmon with fingerling potatoes and roasted peppers was very good. I thought it presented very well, and the flavors were just as colorful as the plating. The fish was perfectly cooked and not too dry, as a lot of salmon tend to be.

I got the shepherd’s pie, which is one of my favorite comfort food. This one was a true shepherd’s pie made with ground lamb. Most establishments make it with ground beef, which is technically a cottage pie. The lamb’s slightly pungent flavor really came through in this dish, which I appreciated. I thought it was a little on the oily side though, and the mash potato didn’t’ seem to hold up the fluffy consistency I expect. It was still one of the better shepherd’s pies I’ve had in the area, but I don’t think I’ll order it again at this price point.

In all, a nice experience. I’m not rushing back for a repeat visit, but wouldn’t mind trying them out again, and see what else they have to offer. (^__^)

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