Masa 14

I’d heard a lot about the Latin/Asian fusion restaurant Masa 14, a collaboration between Richard Sandoval (Zengo) and Kaz Okochi (Kaz Sushi Bistro). I stopped in there for a Sunday brunch a few weeks ago, and I left feeling a little underwhelmed. Granted, the place was having a number of problems that day, including a broken oven (so flatbreads and quiches were off the menu), and busted espresso machine. The waitress was very eager to please though, perhaps due to the many glitches in the kitchen machinery.

I ordered the pan dolce with ancho whipped cream and roasted pineapple syrup, pictured above. This was my favorite of the dishes that I tasted at the brunch. I thought the bread had a nice texture and I loved the chunky pineapple syrup with it.

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Petite mushroom escabeche omelet with arugula, roasted peppers, avocado and tomato jam. I’m probably not a very good judge of omelets, not being a very big fan of them. I usually find them somewhat bland and uninspired. This one was actually pretty decent, and I liked the tomato jam.

Smoked chicken hash with carmelized onions, poblano chilis, chipotle hollandaise, yucca and soft poached egg. This was just okay. I wasn’t raving about it, especially the chicken, which was a little dry. I liked the onions and chilis, however.

Tenderloin benedict with scallion kimchi pancake, poached egg and green chili hollandaise. This tiny piece of meat (and egg) set us back $12. It was a good cut of meat, but I still couldn’t believe they’d charge this much for what was essentially 3 bites. The tenderloin was cooked nicely, the kimchi pancake was a bit flimsy and the egg was decent. Not something I’d pay for again, at that price.

Baha mi burger – spiced pork pattie, pickled vegetables, and citrus aioli. This was my favorite of the savory dishes. A nice, juicy burger with a lot of flavor and a side of thinly sliced fries that I couldn’t stop eating. My friend has ordered this multiple times before, and has always enjoyed it.

I’ll be revisiting Masa 14 again soon, this time for dinner. I actually have pretty high hopes, as I find their dinner menu much more my cuppa than brunch. (^__^)v

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