Estadio is the newish sister restaurant to Proof, one of my favorite wine bars in the city. I finally had occasion to try it out a while ago with a friend of mine who has the kind of job I envy – he travels to places around the world and writes about them. X)

The interior of the place is very charming and warm, with lots of character. I was a little surprised, however, when they led me to a very small table by the wall with tall bar chairs, instead of a real table. I didn’t mind it very much, but the table was a little cramped, and it felt like I was there for happy hour more than dinner. (I did have a reservation).

The food, for the most part, was very enjoyable! We ordered up quite a number of tapas to share, and they were served one after the other in a happy parade of good eats.

Pictured above is the duck breast with baby chard, quince, and ginger sauce. The skin was crispy, the meat was tender, and flavors spot on. This was quite possibly some of the best duck I’ve ever had. The baby chard provided a nice, slightly bitter contrast to the duck.

The rest:

Got some soda to wash down our tapas, including Dublin Dr Pepper, bottled at the oldest Dr Pepper bottling plant in the world. Cute bottles!

We got a selection of three cheeses – Idiazabal, Manchego, and a third that I don’t quite recall (though it might have been the Garrotxa). Lovely, all of them. Manchego has long been a favorite of mine, and I’ll always order it when getting a cheese platter. I love its nutty flavor and pairing it with sweet spreads and honeys.

A nice, smokey chorizo to go with the cheese.

Grilled country bread with tomato, olive oil, and salt. The bread was nice and crispy, and the tomato sweet and refreshing.

Of course we had to get the patatas bravas, which came to the table piping hot. I enjoyed these very much, though they were not particularly memorable.

Crispy stuffed squash blossoms with gazpacho vinaigrette. Mm…can never resist squash blossoms, so I get them whenever I can. These were stuffed with something gooey and cheesy…delicious.

The grilled octopus with potato caper salad and pimenton was not a highlight, unfortunately. The octopus didn’t have a that charred flavor of the grill, and there wasn’t enough texture either. I suppose you can’t win them all.

Thankfully, the meal ended on a positive note with this warm peach cake, goat cheese ice cream and thyme caramel. I adored this dessert! The cake was super moist with the perfect amount of sweetness. The ice cream had a slightly pungent kick that paired perfectly with the herby and smooth caramel. If I go back to Estadio (which I hope to, soon) I will definitely be ordering this again. (*___*)

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