Asian fusion restaurant TenPenh has been around since I first started working in D.C. straight out of college, and I’ve always had fond memories of the place. ♥ I popped in for a happy hour a little while ago (actually, it was the food blogger HH a few months ago) and had a lovely time!

Pictured above is the grilled beef and chicken satay with peanut sauce. I liked the beef better than chicken (as I usually do in such skewer type dishes), as it wasn’t as dry and tough. Peanut sauce was decent, though nothing particularly memorable.

The rest:

Korean Pork Belly Bites
House Made Kimchi, Kochujang

Surprise, surprise, the pork belly was my favorite dish. This was all kinds of fatty in just the right way, full of flavor and utterly lip-smacking. Kochujang (Gochujang?) is apparently a Korean condiment made from chili powder and fermented soybeans, among other things. I didn’t think it tasted very pungent, though I generally bristle at the thought of fermented soybeans. (Known as natto, it’s reviled by any self-respecting Japanese person of Kansai descent).

Minced Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Shiitake Mushrooms, Pinenuts

These were okay, if a little on the bland side. I’m not a fan of pinenuts, but they didn’t bother me so much here. Is it bad if I say I actually prefer PF Chang’s lettuce wraps? XD;;

Lobster Rangoons
Cucumber Salad, Sweet Thai Chili Dipping Sauce

Mmmm…fabulous! My second favorite dish! The insides were creamy, gooey and delicious, perfectly paired with a sweet & spicy sauce. Nice, lightly vinegared cucumber salad to cleanse the palate.

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