Napoleon Bistro

I don’t think I dine in Adams Morgan half as much as I should. A little while ago, my friends and I dined at a charming little bistro there called Napoleon, sister establishment to Cafe Bonaparte in Georgetown. And although they didn’t have a few items we wanted to order from the menu (namely the squab), what we did end up getting was full of fabulous.

The decor was dark and cozy, and didn’t feel too closed up because of the tall windows throughout the room. We got a great table near the back by the window.

Pictured above is one of the entrees we got: the John Dory, the special of the day. It was served with lump crab meat, corn, potatoes and fava beans. (Does anyone else think of Hannibal Lecter when they hear “fava bean”?) The fish was wonderfully seared and cooked to a buttery perfection! I really loved this dish.

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Wild Mushroom Crêpe
black olive tapenade, truffle oil, red wine jus

We had ordered the porcini ravioli, so when this dish was brought out, we were a little confused. “Well…I suppose they got the mushroom part right..?” I don’t remember if they just mixed up the order, or had actually been out of the ravioli and brought this out as way of replacement. Either way, we decided it looked too tasty to send back so we ate it. XD And yes, it was as delicious as it looked! Mushrooms are so savory and full of flavor, it’s hard to go wrong.

Maine Lobster Salad
with haricot verts, Jerusalem artichokes, manga, truffle vinaigrette

I was quite impressed by the beautiful plating! The flavor delivered too, light and sensational. The only thing I wasn’t so keen on was the artichoke. I usually love artichoke, but it wasn’t working in this dish. It was a cold tasteless mass.

Veal Escalopines
jumbo lump crab meat, wild mushrooms, serrano ham, champagne sauce

There was a lot going on in this dish, but somehow it came together beautifully. I suppose with a delicate protein like veal, it’s easy to go the bland route. Not so here! I enjoyed this dish a lot, and would definitely order it again.

A lovely little fruit parfait, which I admired but did not taste.

Apple Beignets
granny smith apples coated in an egg butter, deep fried
with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and creme anglaise

I was already pretty full by the time dessert rolled around, but I can never resist the power of the beignet!! Gorgeous deep fried sweets that melt in your mouth! This was the first fruit filled beignet I’d ever had, and it was heavenly. (*____*)

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