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I’m still backed up on some restaurant posts, but I’m jumping ahead just to cover a couple places I went to last week, for my birthday. (^___^)v

My friend treated me to a lovely Happy Hour dinner at Current Sushi, which is located between Farragut North and Dupont Circle. The decor is sleek and modern, with a very cool vibe and glowy blue lights. We sat at the bar, and it was surprisingly not too loud or busy that night. They seem to have pretty good happy hour deals (check out their menu here). They also apparently have a more clubby area upstairs that opens up later in the night.

Pictured above is the salmon and avocado roll and yellow tail nigiri sushi. Both were very tasty! I thought the fish was fresh and cut in generous portions.

The rest:

This picture of the agedashi-tofu was taken after a few bites, but I wanted to include it anyway because it was delicious. I thought the broth was flavorful and complimented the tofu very well indeed.

I got these two different skewers from the “kushi” menu: the hanger steak, and the bacon and cherry tomato. The steak was perfectly cooked, with a great sear on the outside but still tender and juicy. The bacon was buttery and gorgeous, and went very well with the tartness of the cherry tomato.

I’d love to go back again for another round of sushi & skewers! (^O^)/

I’ve got a craving for sushi now.

Happy belated birthday!!

I really *hate* this month because work keep me all busy, but I’m glad to hear you spend it with tasty food and nice company!


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