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Kellari Taverna

A whole month and a half ago, I had the opportunity to meet up with fellow food blogger Angela of I Flip for Food for dinner at the newish Greek restaurant in Farragut Square – Kellari Taverna. I am ashamed that it’s taken me so many weeks to blog this, but even though it’s been this long, I remember it vividly and fondly! Angela is even more awesome in person than she is online, and I really enjoyed every minute.

Much of our conversation was spent geeking out over the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin, which I was in the midst of reading at the time. I have since finished the 4th installment, and am eagerly waiting for the 5th, if / when it will ever come to be. The HBO mini-series of the work is currently in production, so that’s something to look forward to as well. (^O^)v

Now, as for the food: You must check out Angela’s post of the dinner here, which is thoughtfully written and photographed beautifully. I agreed with everything she said, so I really have nothing particularly intriguing to add, lol.

We ended up getting a bunch of tapas to share, which was quite enough to be filling for two. Pictured above is the tuna tartare with caviar mousse. The saltiness of the caviar mousse helped balance out the tuna, which was only slightly seasoned.

The rest:

Complimentary bread, with a side of radishes, hummus, and olives.

Authentic Saganaki
baked Graviera cheese flamed with Metaxa

Metaxa is a distilled spirit from Greece, and the cheese did indeed get a dousing in a flame of it as it arrived at the table. I couldn’t snap a photo of the inferno in time, but you can see it on Angela’s post. X) I love these kinds of tableside theatrics! It makes the food more engaging, and you have a heightened sense of anticipation. The cheese was hot and gooey and gorgeous, though on the salty side. Definitely meant to be eaten sooner rather than later, as it did get harder as it sat there and cooled. Came with side of pita bread.

beef and lamb meatballs with yogurt dill sauce

As Angela said, these were cooked well, but not very seasoned. I love lamb, so would have preferred a more “lamby” flavor.

Crab Cakes
jumbo lump crab meat, olive oil cured gigantes beans

Lots of crab, with little filler. Which actually would have been fabulous, had the crab been a little more…crabby. I love the sweetness of crab, but that wasn’t brought out in this crab cake, despite the size of the meat chunks. Perhaps the meat was dried out in the baking process. It wasn’t bad though, and I would prefer this kind of crab cake over one that’s all filler.

In all, not too bad at all! I’m probably not the best judge of Greek cuisine, but I think Kellari had some tasty dishes and I would come back to try other things here in the future. =)

7 Aug 2010, 11:25pm
by muckraker


Wow, that all looks soooo good. Great photos.


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