A little over a month ago, I headed over to a friend’s birthday get together at ChurchKey, the Logan Circle bar that opened up last fall to great anticipation. It’s got an amazing selection of beer, and though I’m not usually big on beer, I did get a smallish serving of one they had on tap just to try. X)

The bar is located on the second floor (the first floor being occupied by its sister establishment, Birch & Barley), and it’s a mildly chaotic free-for-all for seating. There are no reservations or maitre’d. If it’s crowded – which it really was on the night I went – you’ll have to stay vigilant and nab a table when one frees up. I didn’t like this system, as it made me feel kind of stalkerish and rude as I hovered around people that looked like they might leave soon. The place was kind of dark and noisy, but it did have an energy about it like a typical happy hour hot spot.

Though the service was equally chaotic and spotty, the food was pretty decent and I enjoyed almost everything I tried. =)

Pictured above is the truffled grilled cheese with tomato soup dip. I had a bite, and it was good, though not very “truffled” in my opinion. It was clever to pair it with a soup “dip,” though I would’ve preferred a real soup in its place, had it been my dish.

The rest after the jump:

Mac & cheese sticks with garlic breadcrumbs and tomato relish. I wish I had taken a picture of the inside of these, as they really were stuffed with pasta! Everyone agreed that the tomato relish was fab.

Arrancini – peas, prosciutto, and Fontina risotto balls. Were these good? I do not know. (^___^);;; I didn’t try them, and I don’t actually remember what people thought about them. *hangs head*

Tater tots! Clearly, there were lots of breaded and fried items on the menu. These were nice little snacks to pop over a glass of beer. Tater tots used to remind me of elementary school lunches. Now, when I hear ‘tater tots,’ I think about the time a friend of mine participated in a tater tot eating contest a short while ago. I’m not sure what the appeal is to competitive eating, but…so long as it doesn’t curb your enjoyment for food, go for it. XD

Fig and prosciutto flatbread with gorgonzola, port, and carmelized onions. By the time this hit the table, I was already kind of full form the other stuff I’d been snacking on. It was pretty good though, and I did enjoy the few slices I managed to scarf down. I liked the sweetness of the figs with the salty prosciutto. The cheese was pungent but not too distractingly so.

After a few gentle reminders to the waiter, the cheese plate finally arrived, looking lovely. Served with apple-blood orange butter, pumpkin seed oil, glazed figs, and honeyed walnuts. A very nice spread overall!

Caramel corn with cashews, coconut, and candied ginger. (So many C’s…was that intentional?) This wasn’t bad, but I think the caramel was too hard and made it very difficult to break apart and eat. We also ordered an ‘oatmeal cream pie’ – their homemade take on the classic. I thought it was okay, but I prefer the soft and sugary original.

I really need to come back some day to try out the Birch & Barley downstairs – I’ve heard great things!

Mac & cheese sticks??!!! That sounds phenomenal. And you got such great photos, which is amazing given how dark it is in there. We loved Birch & Barley (though we ate there before we started blogging).

Yeah, what a great idea, huh? XD And thanks! Taking pictures in dark restaurants is always a challenge. I usually have a few that just don’t turn out at all. =/

I think I’m in heaven. I love cheese!
I love grilled cheese! :)
Mac and cheese sounds amazing! :D And it looks great too!
Wow those risotto balls look good as well :)
Ahh! I love tater tots! :D
Wow that was quite a meal :)


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