Black Market Bistro

Well, July was a total wash. (^___^);;; Sorry for the big hiatus! It is now August 1, and I’m going to try to do better this month, really. I actually haven’t gone out to eat very much these past few weeks, so there’s the other excuse (aside from sheer laziness). I do have a backlog of some stuff though, and I’m going to start with a Sunday brunch I had with a friend of mine at the Black Market Bistro in Garrett Park, Maryland.

The restaurant is located in the midst of residential neighborhood – one that I’ve driven past many times on my way to Japanese school back in the day. (The school met on Saturdays in rented classrooms at Georgetown Prep). All those years of driving through that neighborhood, and I never knew it was back there. It’s really lovely and quaint, and for those who are in the city it feels like a nice little getaway.

They didn’t take reservations for brunch, but they were able to seat us in twenty minutes or so, in a sweet location just by the window. They had seating on the porch too, but it was much too warm that day to sit outside.

I ordered the orange and vanilla bean French toast served with fresh fruit, chantilly cream and maple orange syrup, pictured above. The French toast was airy and fabulous, with a nice creamy flavor. Loved it!

The rest:

Fresh squeezed orange juice! I was driving, so didn’t go for the mimosa.

Crispy Potato Latkes
House made Granny Smith apple sauce
sour cream & chives

These were indeed, very crispy! I loved the crunch of the latkes with the the apple sauce.

Local sage breakfast sausage

This was a disappointment. I’m not sure what exactly was going on here, but the flavors just didn’t come together in this sausage, and the texture was too tough.

Croque Monsieur
Sour dough, French ham, sauce mornay, Gruyere cheese
with mixed green salad

This was pretty good, though I thought the cheese was a little too tangy for my liking. The bread was toasted nicely, not too hard. And in a minor complaint: I didn’t like the green salad very much. It consisted of very bitter greens and came without dressing! When we asked for dressing, they gave us something very citrusy and tart, which didn’t go very well with the bitterness.

Despite some drawbacks, I enjoyed this brunch very much overall! Would love to try their lunch or dinner menu sometime as well. ♥

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