I’m browsing through my food photos folder and realizing how horribly behind I am with my posts. (o____o);; I’m just getting lazier and lazier as the hot summer heat continues to simmer outside. You’d think that it would be conducive to a nice indoor activity like blogging, but I think the heat just drains all energy from you. I’m gonna try harder, really!

So, on to the post!

Some co-workers and I headed over to Zaytinya a little while ago to take advantage of their lunch specials. For about $12 or $13, you can get a tasty sandwich and a choice of sides – fries with yogurt or maroulosalata, a Greek style green salad. The portions are pretty generous, and I usually end up saving half of my sandwich for lunch the next day, so I get two lunches for the price of one. (^O^)v

Pictured above is the “cerkez on toasted olive bread with “shredded chicken, walnut cilantro sauce, roasted red peppers, feta, mache, caramelized onions.” I didn’t have any of this, but it was well received. Looked like a lighter fare than the other sandwiches at the table.

The rest:

Complimentary pita bread, with olive oil and pomegranate molasses. (*___*) The pita always comes out piping hot, and they’ll keep bringing them out as you finish them. The pomegranate molasses is totally bomb, tangy and delicious. We had them bring out a small dish filled with just the molasses!

Hummus! I didn’t have any, but doesn’t it look pretty?

What is it about tabouleh that makes it so tasty? I don’t even like parsley! Neither does my friend (who ordered this dish), but she also agrees that it somehow gets transformed into something delicious when combined with mint, bulgur wheat, tomatoes, and onions. Maybe it’s the lemon vinegar dressing? Anyway, definitely a refreshing salad on a hot day.

Some yummy fries, served with a big dollop of yogurt, to give off the illusion of eating healthy.

Chicken shawarma sandwich – “garlic-lemon marinated chicken, tomatoes, romaine lettus, on lavash bread with garlic sauce.” This sort of looks like a burrito… I didn’t taste this one either. XD;;

This is the sandwich that I did have, and of course it’s the one pic that came out fuzzy. (;___o) I had the kofte sandwich – “ground lamb & beef, Middle Eastern spices, tomatoes, sumac onions, hommus, on toasted bread.” I really enjoyed this sandwich. It was hearty and delicious, with that nice lamby flavor that I love so much. The bread held up well against the meatiness of the patty.

Now I’m craving some lamb…

Wow, all of it looks really tasty!!

Definitely ain’t easy to brainstorm for posting on summer days! XDD


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