3 Jun 2010, 8:20pm


Warabi Mochi

Ah…muggy DC summer has arrived. I feel like we’ve hit the 90’s way too early this year. We’re barely into June, and we’ve already had several days where it’s so humid it’s hard to breathe! A cool, refreshing dessert is much needed and deserved in times like these. *nods* (^__^)

The Japanese dessert “warabi mochi” is technically not mochi (rice cake) at all, but made from konnyaku, a transparent jelly type thing. It’s a big Kansai (Western Japan) thing where my own folks are from. The konnyaku itself doesn’t really have much flavor on its own, so it’s usually served with kinako, a powdered soybean flour. Kinako has this vaguely sweet, nutty flavor to it that provides a strange but not really undesirable contrast to the wet and slinky konnyaku.

If you like very sweet desserts, this probably won’t be your thing. But it’s nice and light for a hot summer’s day.

A few more pics:

I just threw the whole package in the fridge for a while…

Here’s what it looked like before I plated it. I thought the ice cube-like packaging was pretty cute. X) It came with a green plastic pick, which you’re supposed to use as an eating utensil.

There was a Kanajni8MAP episode in which they prepared konnyaku, so this is another presentation!

Sounds interesting for hot days!
Thanks for sharing!

Really? Haha! XD I’ve never tried making it myself, but I don’t imagine it’s too hard..


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