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I found this out after dining here, but apparently The Source is ranked #3 in Washingtonian’s 100 Best Restaurants (2010) behind Komi and Minibar! I don’t always agree with the rankings, but I do read their reviews often, especially when looking for a new place I haven’t tried before.

The Source is one of Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants of the Asian fusion variety located next to the Newseum, which explains where it gets its name. Though I’d heard some negative reviews from friends before, I was still curious to check it out. Anyway, I’m rather fond of Wolfgang and his occasional Top Chef guest appearances. (He’s always so amusing XD)

I liked the decor of the place, which had a glassy, modern feel similar to Zaytinya. My only gripe would be that the ladies room on the upper dining room was a single, and the only other ladies room in the restaurant was two floors down.

The food was pretty fabulous for the most part, and between the three of us, the two appetizers, two entrees, and two desserts were totally filling. Pictured above is the “Tiny Dumplings” with pork belly, black vinegar, chili oil, ginger, and cilantro leaves. These were as good as they sound. (*____*) I’d definitely order them again!

The rest:

This was the “amuse” to share, Szechuan green beans with candied walnuts and sesame seeds. These were pretty savory and addicting. Loved the walnuts especially.

This was the other appetizer, stir fried Colorado lamb in lettuce cups with toasted pine nuts and crisp rice sticks. Just wrap it up and eat it with your hands like a taco. X) Wow, I loved these! I’ve had lettuce wraps before, but never with lamb, which made it unique and interesting.

Pan roasted organic chicken with garlic gai lan. I don’t order a lot of chicken when I dine out, usually because there’s something more interesting on the menu that catches my eye. My friends wanted to get this though, so I went along with it. Turned out to be utterly awesome! The meat was tender and seasoned perfectly, and skin was done to a wonderful crisp.

The chicken came with a side of lapsong sausage fried rice, which was just okay. I wasn’t blown away by it, and thought the sweetness of the sausage overpowered the rest of it.

This was my choice for entree – lacquered Chinese duckling with wild huckleberries. I was a bit disappointed, honestly. I thought the skin was done well, with a good crispy texture, but the duck itself was underseasoned. It was definitely better with the huckleberry sauce (which was lovely), but there wasn’t enough of it.

The lo mein that came with it wasn’t bad, though. I enjoyed it more than the rice.

We ordered two desserts, and since we knew that the soufflé would take about 10~15 minutes, we had them bring out the first one early – the ginger panna cotta with strawberries. Creamy and smooth, as a panna cotta should be, and I do love that hit of ginger and spice in my desserts. ♥

Warm chocolate soufflé with whipped crème fraîche, and chocolate sorbet. (*____*) This was lovely! They plated it table-side, poking a hole into the soufflé before topping it with the other ingredients and then drizzling the whole thing with chocolate sauce. The soufflé was gooey, warm and heavenly, and had a hint of spice…amazing. This was a pretty big dessert, definitely enough to feed two or three.

One note about the service – they were really nice and attentive, but somewhat on the fussy side. I felt like if I didn’t guard the ‘amuse’ vigilantly, someone was going to come in and sweep it away before I was done with it (which indeed, they did). Too much attention can be a little annoying sometimes (though perhaps, preferable to too little?)

Wow, seem like a fancy place with gorgeous food. *___*

Thanks for sharing this outing!


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