Silver Fountain

The Silver Fountain is a little off the beaten path for Washingtonians, but good, cheap dim sum is usually found in the suburbs. (^___~) The restaurant doesn’t have a website, but their Yelp page is over here. They do dim sum every day between 11:00 ~ 3:00 in the afternoon, and on weekends and holidays, they come around on the cart. The cart style is the most fun. Even if you get carried away, it still won’t cost you a whole lot. Though, I don’t usually eat in, and mostly swing by to get something to go on the weekends.

These pictures were from a rare dining-in experience that I Tweeted about a few weekends ago. Pictured about is the fried shrimp dish with scallions and green pepper, one of the first things I yoinked off the cart. These were whole shrimp, with heads and shell intact, coated in a thin batter and fried up to a crisp. Very flavorful and satisfying.

The rest after the jump:

Here were the eggrolls, which were just stuffed with shrimp. Shrimp is an ingredient in lot of the dishes here, so you definitely have to be careful if you have a shellfish allergy!

The “stuffed bean curd” came stuffed with shrimp, naturally. XD I personally loved the shrimpyness of all the dishes, as it added a nice salty layer of flavor to everything.

Stuffed eggplant…with shrimp paste. I didn’t try this dish, but it looked pretty tasty.

This Chinese broccoli was a surprising favorite of mine. I dunno how they seasoned it, but I kept going back for more, despite the fact that it was a cumbersome to eat with chopsticks. I thought it had a good crunch to it, and the natural flavors of the vegetable really came through.

Their fried rice is made with a glutenous sort of rice, stickier than your typical kind you might get at a Chinese restaurant. I liked it, in small amounts.

I loooove egg custard tarts. (*____*) Unfortunately, it takes a long time to prepare, so sometimes if I drop in near the end of the dim sum hour, I’m told that I’d have to wait an extra 20 minutes. Sometimes I do put in the wait, because I think it’s worth it. The custard is just the right texture, smooth and eggy, and I love the flaky crust!

Now I’m hungry for dim sum…might have to stop by here tomorrow afternoon!

Mark and I were JUST talking about dim sum – he’s never had an authentic dim sum experience, so I’m planning on taking him when we’re in San Francisco at the end of the month. But I’d like to try this place, it looks great. Do they have har gow and rice noodles? Those are my favorites.

Ooh, I had dim sum in San Francisco! But it was expensive. o___O Tasty, though.

This place does have haw gow, and I’ve seen rice noodles on their menu, though I’ve never tried them before. I’d be so nervous if you came all the way out here to try it, and didn’t like it! I know it’s a bit far out from DC..

All of it looks so tasty!!
Thanks for sharing!

XD Thanks for your comment, Maye! ♥


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