I had actually never heard of Marvin when my friend suggested we go there for dinner a few weeks ago. I discovered that it’s a nice little Belgian bistro on U Street “featuring home-cooked classics that combine the tastes of Belgium with the American south.” The staff was really friendly and helpful in their suggestions, and each dish was really thoughtful and well balanced.

We started off with a selection from the Moules Frites – mussels and fries. I thought the coconut curry sounded interesting, but we ended up going with the white wine with garlic. Although I’m not a big fan of large slices of garlic in sauces (or any dish, really), they were easy enough to avoid. I thought the flavors were pretty good in this, though the garlic might have been on the strong side.

The rest after the jump:

Goat Cheese Croquettes with Fig Vinaigrette

These were crunchy and fab, with the greens going well with the cheesiness of the croquettes.

Seared Sea Scallops with Braised leeks & beurre rouge

This was my favorite dish of the evening! The scallops were cooked perfectly, and seasoned so well they just burst in my mouth with flavor. Loved the leeks as well, which are fast becoming one of my favorite sides. X)

The site’s menu lists pumpkin ravioli, which I would not have ordered, but the menu at the restaurant offered pea ravioli instead, which sounded much more interesting. These were rich and creamy, and very satisfying overall.

For dessert, we got the lemon crepe, which was a light and summery way to end the meal. Loved the bits of candied lemon peel that gave a little extra pop to the dish.

Would love to go back to this place sometime, and soon!

I’ve only been to Marvin once, but I really loved it. You ordered such good stuff! Also, I am in love with leeks, as well.

Isn’t it a lovely little place? ♥ And leeks! I need to learn some recipes. I think the braised leeks shouldn’t be too difficult. =)


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