I’ve wanted to try Corduroy for a while now, and a few weeks ago, I finally did! (^__^)v Located near the convention center by Mt. Vernon Square metro station, it’s pretty nondescript from the outside and easy to miss unless you’re looking for it. Actually, I think their website is pretty nondescript as well. It’s plain but easy to navigate, without frilly Flash effects, streaming music, or that infuriating script that forces your browser window to maximize (Rasika, I’m looking at YOU!!).

The inside of the restaurant is very elegant and spare, and my brother and I both agreed that the design must have been Japanese inspired in part.

I guess “spare” is a theme here, because that’s what the menu was. I don’t mind short menus, as I’d rather have very few fabulous selections to choose from, rather than a whole slew of mediocrity. I did get an appetizer, but since I chose the main course as my header pic, I’ll start there. Pictured above is the roast and confit of Guinea hen, with leeks and shitake mushrooms. Mmmm…Guinea hen brings back good memories. I had my first ever Guinea hen at Tom Colicchio’s “Craft” in New York City, and it was fab! This one was equally lovely, with a golden crispy skin and tenderly cooked meat that fell off the bone. Loved it!

The rest after the jump:

Here’s my brother’s appetizer, the duck egg and leg salad. X) A perfectly poached egg topped this gorgeous salad that oozed with the flavor of fatty duck.

I got the special appetizer of the evening: lobster carpaccio. I believe she said it was seasoned with chervil oil. This was very fresh, but not exactly light. The butter really dominated this dish. I liked it, but it was definitely on the rich side.

My brother got the prime faux ribeye steak with mushroom sauce. (I forget why they called it “faux”… (This is what I get for blogging from memory 2 weeks later!) This was perfectly cooked to a medium rare, and it was a hefty chunk of meat. I enjoyed the mushroom sauce, which had a good aromatic punch.

Mango sorbet, very nice and flavorful. This was a pretty big serving, I think.

Pistachio bread pudding with vanilla ice cream. I was pretty full at this point, but I love bread puddings, and I wanted to try this one. I ended up finishing it, much to my surprise. XD Warm, delicate and sweet. Very nicely done!

Oh, I should add that the service was wonderful! They went above and beyond. The maitre’d called and left a message later that night to let me know that I had forgotten a sweater at the table! They held on to it for me until I could come by again several days later to pick it up. Very nice and unexpected. =)

Everything looks so amazing! I’ve only gone once, and it was for an office party, but I’ve been wanting to take Mark – once he sees this, he’s gonna insist.


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