CoCo Sala: Part II

The one time I had any savory courses at CoCo Sala was for appetizers, and while the food tasted great, it was also barely there. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I headed over there for a lunch a few weeks ago. Would the portions be just as small? I asked the waitress about the size of the portions very carefully, but it turned out that my concerns weren’t really necessary. I had a salad and a second course, and the portions were just right.

Pictured above is my second course: the artichoke tart (“creamy hearts of artichoke / tomato confit / truffle & tarragon vinaigrette.”) Loved it! The crust was flaky and gorgeous, and the artichokes were bursting with flavor.

The rest under the cut:

Had I known that the artichoke tart would come with a small side salad, I probably would not have ordered the beet salad (“sherry infused baby beets / organic greens / cocoa beans”) for my starter. Nevertheless, this was very delicious, and I especially loved the soft cheese they incorporated into it. Very light and refreshing.

My friend got the rosemary and parmesan fries. I tasted a few, and they were crispy and perfectly seasoned. Not overpowered by the rosemary at all.

Tomato and burrata salad, a beautiful and colorful presentation with both red and green tomatoes. I didn’t have any, but it was well received!

Chicken salad brioche sandwich (“tarragon / mayo / red onions / grapes / mayo / arugula / toasted brioche”), which I did not taste. I like that it came with arugula though, which is fast becoming my favorite green leafy veggie. XD

A couple of my friends got the $22 three course deal, which came with a dessert. They both got the green tea crème brulée with a scoop of dulce de leche ice cream. They weren’t too thrilled with the crème brulée because of its overly strong tea flavor. I actually like green tea flavored things, so I didn’t mind too much. The ice cream, they all agreed, was fab.

In all, a fine lunch indeed! ♥

Whoa, that all looks fantastic – wouldn’t expect such great savory dishes at a chocolate place. Mark’s been wanting to go for a long time, and it looks like there’s stuff for me too!

Awesome! Hope you try it out sometime. (^__^)


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